Valentine’s special cooking lesson

Date: 14.02.2018

Time: 10:30 – 13:30

Organizers: Secret Valley School of Gastronomy & Truffle Store

Place: Secret Valley Golf Club, 8101 Paphos, Cyprus

Cost: 18 euro per person.

Chef – George Halkides

The special cooking lesson with truffles for St. Valentine’s Day with Secret Valley School of Gastronomy, organized by Janice Ruffle Kavallares with support of Truffle Store.

By tradition of Truffle Store we started from appetizers. We used crackers with mascarpone cheese, artichokes with truffles from Martelli Fabiano, made with Italian freshly cooked artichokes and black Summer truffles from Umbria region of Italy.

We made rich and aromatic sauce with Geofoods’ Salsa Tartufata (Champignon and Italian black Summer truffle) and Truffle Butter from Martelli Fabiano for tagliatelle. And we served with pure black Summer truffle pate from Geofoods. What’s an amazing combination!

Special thanks to Chef George Halkides for such an inspiring lesson and for choosing the products of our Truffle Store for his kitchen!

We are glad that all participants have got new gastronomic knowledge and cooking experience. We are happy that you enjoyed with us!

All products that we used for cooking and much more – you can get from

The Secret Valley School of Gastronomy is part of the Gastronomy Cyprus Group which promotes specialist Gastronomy and Wine Appreciation Demonstrations, Events and Excursions to a local and International visitor.

The hosting venue, a golf course restaurant, offers an airy, spacious, safe environment for cooking demonstrations of local, Mediterranean and International cuisine, sourcing fresh seasonal ingredients supporting local farmers and food-producing villages in Cyprus.

Experience Master Chef George Halkides and invited Executive Guest Chefs, preparing local, such as Troodos Trout, and International dishes, introducing innovative ideas for preparation, marinating, techniques, cooking methods and presentation par-excellence, in what promises to be a brilliantly informative demonstration, sharing ingenious culinary ideas. These fun, monthly informal classes, 10.30am every 2nd Wednesday, are designed for enthusiastic intermediate cooks, focusing on specific cuisines.

There’s absolutely no substitute for touching, feeling and tasting mouth watering cuisine. We invite you to savour the aroma, experience flavours that will revive your senses, and take a culinary journey that will reinvigorate your passion for food. Your experience will be an unforgettable one!

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